I can copy and paste from imported Pdf's but not from Apple Pages docs - can we fix this?

Love Scrivener - and I have been importing docs/research like mad for this current book - but in order to copy and paste into new docs in my manuscript i cannot copy and paste from Apple Pages docs. Will this ever be possible? it would save me hours!

If I understand correctly, you have added some .pages files to the binder, and you are thus looking at them using the Quick Look preview (the same thing you would see if you tap the spacebar on a .pages file in Finder)? If so, sadly Apple never saw fit to make it possible to copy and paste out of a Quick Look view, so it’s not possible.

It would be better to copy and paste with the file open in Pages itself, though overall you might find it a lot more useful to export your files to .docx from Pages, and then import those into Scrivener, so they are just normal text you can more freely edit and work with.

Thanks that’s helpful. Although apple aren’t helpful.

As I saw you accepted pages docs I just threw in dozens along with pdfs and images etc and was hoping to copy and paste them inside of the program. I’ll just do it all externally now. I could convert to MSWord but I might come out in a rash :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s a complete mystery to me why Quick Look doesn’t allow selection! It would be such a natural and obvious capability for something like that. But oh well, at least there is something like that on a Mac, that lets you preview most file types in the binder. On Windows everyone just gets a big icon in the editor if the file type isn’t supported natively.

Yeah, if you prefer you can just open the Pages files and copy and paste. Note you can even open them from right in Scrivener, so you don’t have to give up on the idea of organising them as research files. There is a curled arrow button in the lower right corner of the viewer where you can load PDFs, Pages, images and other kind of media into external editors. There is a keyboard shortcut assigned to doing so as well, so you can just select the resource, hit ⌃⌘O and it will open in Pages.

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Many thanks - i did not realise that. Nearly done now anyway. In a really exciting and ideal world a Mac being able to grab text off jpeg images would be the dream! Maybe that is coming sometime :slight_smile:

That’s already included in macOS 12 (Monterey).

Ok wow, thanks i need to have a sit down, I wish I’d known this a week ago lol.

www. macworld. co. uk / how-to/convert-images-text-iphone-ipad-mac-3807549

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Amazing support thanks all

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Ahhh, this does solve it, i.e. opening Apple Pages right in Scrivener. Awesome, thank you.