I can has word count improvement please?

I’ve been writing prose with Scrivener, and I like it a lot. Recently I wrote an article with footnotes. I found out the hard way that it includes the endnotes in the word count. This was nearly very bad as I could have turned in the article way under the required word count.

Could there be a check box for document statistics to exclude endnotes and the like from the word count? Otherwise the only was around this is to make a selection that does not include the word count and count that. It works, of course, but computers are supposed to handle little annoyances like that for us.

You can check the stats without annotations/footnotes via project statistics.

The next update shows counts without annotations/footnotes in a tooltip when you hover the mouse over the stats in the footer bar (there will be no option to have this in the actual footer bar as that count updates live and it would take too much overhead to calculate whilst typing).

There will also be an option in Compile Draft not to include these things in the generated count if included in the MS.