I can not believe how UTTERLY BROKEN this program is.

It’s astounding, really, that this is the premiere novel writing program in the world. Not only can the team not figure out why, for instance, moving margins, or even just hopping around the document causes the whole program to routinely stutter and stall every 15 seconds on Windows, but now, with the latest beta, compiling everything into a PDF exports EVERY bit of text in the entire @#$@#$@#$ manuscript is BOLD.

Its not bold in the editor.

It’s supposed to be determined by Section Layout.

But for some god-forsaken reason, EVERYTHING GETS RENDERED AS BOLD!

WTF Scrivener?

I realize you primarily cater towards mactards who don’t have a clue how real software works, but all I’ve seen from you during the many months of using your program is a staggering display of incompetence at every turn, and little-to-no improvement whatsoever in the many issues that plague this piece of garbage. I HATE HATE HATE this writing program, and would dropkick it into the abyss if I could. The entire paradigm; the way it goes about almost everything is bass-ackwards, and it is by far, the single worst program I have ever had to use, during all my years as a creative professional. I wish I could hammer bamboo shoots under the fingernails of whoever programmed this dumpster fire, so that they could never plague the world again with their programming skills.


Why do you use it then?
I can’t see the point in using a software one dislikes, so are you a masochist? Or why do you use something you hate? :open_mouth:

That’s odd…
I use this all the time on a couple of Windows machines and it works great. I actually paid for the Version 1, though I am only using the version 3 beta. BECAUSE the Beta has been so rock solid and stable.

I have also compiled my document to both Word and PDF format and while there are some beta bugs as IT IS A BETA.
I have been able to get most of what I need in formatting and it DOES NOT compile everything as bold. Once I looked at some videos on formatting. I was able to get what I wanted.

I suspect though given your tone, and name calling … It might be above your abilities to figure out. And that is OK… Just own that and look for software designed for your level of user.
Might I suggest WordPad, It comes free with Windows and designed to have low learning curve barriers to usage.

Good luck on your Writting.

If you are in fact using the Windows beta, you should be aware that some degree of brokenness is expected. That’s why it’s a beta. Still, a more coherent email explaining what you have tried and what appears to be happening would probably get a more constructive response. Insults will only get you banned from the forum.

If you are using the release version of Windows Scrivener and have not already filed a support request, please do so, here:


Post deleted for abusive language. User has been warned, and will be banned if there is a second such outburst.


Thanks for the reply, Katherine. Yes, I’m quite upset, especially considering I paid for the normal program, encountered this problem, and then went to the beta hoping they’d be resolved. It hasn’t been,

In essence, the program just… stutters during normal use. It will stutter as I’m typing, it will stutter as I’m trying to click around, it will stutter when I’m trying to move a margin - really, it will stutter when I’m doing anything.

What I mean by that is, I could be typing a sentence, and the program will be going along, and suddenly, it will stop showing the changes on screen. The cursor will freeze. It will be anywhere between 5 to 10 seconds before everything suddenly “catches up” and appears. This is especially infuriating when trying to move a margin, and you’ll be dragging it along, and it will move along with the mouse… until it suddenly won’t.

This forces the user to have to hold down the button for the 5-10 seconds it takes for the program to unstick itself - otherwise, you’ll drop the margin where it is, and in trying to set it again, will cause another freeze until you hold the button down.

For reference, it’s not a machine issue. I’m a power-users with an Intel i7-7700 clocked at 2.80 Ghz, 16 Gigs of DDR3 ram, a 250 gig SSD, Windows 10 64-bit, and top-tier everything else. This machine crunches numbers like a beast.

So yeah, your program has this problem in both the stable and beta branches.

Secondly, this newest problem, with exporting to PDF making literally every line of text in my book bold didn’t exist until I upgraded to the most recent beta. I don’t know why it’s doing this. I go File > Compile > and it doesn’t matter what option I choose. The text is bold in everything - which is odd, because 99% of my text is not bold in the editor. I have it set to have the Font: Determined by Section Layout - but I think your program ignores that anyway, because every time I try to, say, export as a Courier Manuscript, of a Times Manuscript, that is just ignored completely, and I still get a bold version of the font I used in the editor.

Hopefully, that describes my problem thoroughly enough.

I mostly work with the Mac version. There the most common cause of “freezing” is an overly aggressive autosave interval: Scrivener tries to save when you haven’t actually paused. That’s definitely the first thing I would check. If that doesn’t help, and you see the issue in the release version, please either post to the main Windows Scrivener support forum, and/or open a support ticket. Trying to address that issue in the beta forum will just confuse people.

If everything is suddenly bold and the only thing that changed was installing the new beta, that’s quite likely to be a beta bug. The best way to get it addressed will be to create a simple test project that demonstrates the problem, ZIP it up, and attach it here.

Please do read the pinned post at the top of the beta forum, though. While the beta version has become substantially more complete and more stable, it IS a beta, and it is NOT recommended for critical work. If a problem with the software can inspire the level of outrage you’ve demonstrated in this thread, then this project, at least, is not a good candidate for beta testing.


Regarding the “stuttering “, try turning off your antivirus as a test to see if that makes a difference. We’ve seen overzealous AV programs have a similar impact with other users.


The stuttering issue:

Reduce the aggressiveness of auto-save, as has been mentioned.

In the Beta, that’s in File → Options → General → Saving
Mine’s set for 2 seconds of inactivity, and I have no issues with it. Slow it to 5 seconds, or 15. That way it will wait for you to not be doing anything to save.

I do NOT have a stuttering issue. I could set that to 1 second and not have an issue (have, in fact, at times).

However, on Windows, other software can cause this issue.

1. Windows indexing. If your indexer is indexing everything you write, it can (and will) cause stuttering every time you try to save something. I turned indexing off for my normal writing directory. And with only an SSD, the indexer is writing to a relatively slow-writing drive, at the same time you’re trying to save. Once you have everything installed, turn it off, or limit it to the Program Files directories, which rarely change. That way it’s usually not running.

2. Saving to a synchronized directory, such as the directory that syncs with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or similar. Turn off sync while you’re editing, or every letter you type can involve reupload, reverify, resync, or whatever the heck else it does. THAT will cause stuttering under some conditions. Many people set their writing directories to sync automatically, and that can and will cause issues.

Instead, set up a separate directory for sync, and set Scriv to save a backup there on exit. Or, turn off the running synchronizer while you’re editing.

3. Antivirus programs, as mentioned elsewhere, can cause a problem. Exclude your writing directories and files from monitoring. If you’re truly highly security-conscious, then write a script to turn off monitoring while you’re editing, and turn it back on when you leave Scrivener.

4. If your hard drive is low on space this can cause similar issues. You’ve got an SSD, and that’s fine, but oddly enough, SSD’s still need a chunk of free space (20-30%, according to the manufacturers) to perform optimally. Clear a chunk of space from your drive, and see if the stuttering improves.

Scrivener does NOT create one file per project; it creates a directory, with many files inside it. Thus, low drive space will cause major issues.

5. Windows can assign higher priority to other programs. Even though you have a higher-end machine, Windows can behave questionably. Keep an eye on your task manager, if you can, and see what else is in heavy usage while you’re typing or drag/dropping.

The PDF issue is more complicated, and will wait for another post.

Note: I do not work for L&L. I’m just another beta-tester. My opinion is not official in any way.

this might be an obvious thing, but have you tried making your text files smaller? ie, splitting them when they reach around 10k words

yes, that seems like an enormous size, but when i do rewrites, i like to have a split editor with the old draft on one side, and the blank doc i’m writing in on the other, i have noticed, (also from some accidental copy&pasting that accidentally doubled my wordcount to over 80k ooops) that at around 40k words of document size, i start getting “micro-stutters”, they seem just like a little lag, nothing too bad, maybe half a second of reaction time when it comes to writing in the doc, dragging stuff around, that sort of stuff. the longer it gets after that threshold, though, the worse the stutter gets, to the point where words i was writing weren’t showing up until about ten seconds after i stopped typing.

easy fix was splitting the document into smaller portions that don’t take up as much processing power. again, this is a wild shot bc i don’t think a lot of people “misuse” the program in this way and have such large wordcounts in their files, but i thought i’d offer that solution, in case it does work

You’d be surprised … being able to split a project into small chunks is a major part of Scrivener’s appeal for some people, but others seem almost unaware that feature even exists. So yes, that’s a good thing to try.


Regarding the pdf is bold issue:
I export to pdf frequently and have never seen this issue. Since you are the first I’ve seen complain about it, it is something peculiar to your situation.

What happens if you print to pdf? Does that also have the problem?

What happens if you create a brand new document and type a few lines. Then export to PDF. It it happens then, the issue is with your Export configuration. If not, the issue is in your document somewhere. If it is in the document, try exporting just some of the articles (chapters, documents whatever) and see if it happens then. Perhaps you can figure out where the issue is.

A common cause of this sort of error is un-closed tags: at some point, probably for a heading or something, you (or the Compile function) turned bold formatting on, but then never turned it off.


PS See how much more helpful everyone is now that you’ve quit shouting at them?

Typing issue feels like a machine / OS/ Hog process issue.
Right click on the taskbar and open Task Manager. Click More details
Look to see where all the power that machine should have is being used up.

And also on top of that I seen license issues with Microsoft Office/Office 365 bring a good machine to its knees.

And that will not even show up in Task Manager. Drove me the nuts the first time it happend.
Ended up uninstalling Office and reinstalling.

But if you have one Large single manuscript file, that is a setup I have not worked with.


I housesit for my mother every now and then, and of course, that doesn’t stop me from writing, so I lug my entire system over to her house. The stuttering happens for me because I have everything I do constantly backing up to OneDrive. At home, this isn’t an issue because I have great and super fast internet, but at my mom’s it causes all sorts of issues. Her internet is worse than a cheap hotel’s. I would do as someone recommended and pause your synchronization. In my case, that was exactly the issue at my mom’s. Pausing fixed it.

Spitballing, but have you updated your video card drivers? On my laptop, I haven’t bothered installing good video card drivers, and Scrivener performs noticeably worse. So if you haven’t updated your video card drivers in awhile, it might be a good thing to try.

Regarding the bold PDFs, maybe it’s connected with this issue I posted about (link)/this issue (link)? I also always receive bold PDFs, even though my texts don’t look bold (but seem to have the bold styling applied to them). In any case, since the latter thread has been filed as a bug, I’m hopeful that it will get repaired before the final release – at least, I hope it will because at the moment, it renders the program quite unusable…

Made a search with Bookman, and the problem has been reported many times since… 2014 and beta !

screenshotscdn.firefoxuserconte … b52188.png

I wouldn’t think anything prior to Dec 2017 would be applicable, as the older issues would be for different software built on different QT platform.