I can see...

Hey! I can see our house from 'ere!!
Bloody 'ell! I can see me on this one!! :open_mouth:
earthdata.nasa.gov/labs/worldvie … geographic

Will you PLEASE put some clothes on! I accidentally opened that picture at work. :neutral_face:

Mr Bob, I see it all the time…I have to live with it. :blush: :frowning:
Dispirited Fluff

Interesting. I always thought you lived in ‘Here Be Dragons’.

Well…if you mean I always seem to be stretching existing parameters, and pushing boundaries beyond braking point, then moving out through the breach and journeying into the unknown… then…yeah…I hold my hands up, young ‘n’, I do move where there could well be dragons. But I’m like that., y’know…sorta intrepid.

The first URL needs to be changed to:


Unless of course the redoubtable Vic-K’s extending of the parameters means that they are now an eminence grise in Baku, Azerbaijan … something we should not put past themselves!



Well, it wouldn’t surprise me…they already have a Tescos and MacDonald

I like that, 's good init! :smiley:

YO! just found this one…BRILL!! :smiley: guardian.co.uk/science/video … ight-video

No, I just meant you come from a land of weirdos. I mean, do you folks even have lawn furniture over there?

Young Master Sin,
Is your ability to effortlessly lower the tone a gift from the gods, or is it an acquired skill?

Bah. Need a few more books on the back of that toilet.

They’d have t’ be picture books then…cos he’s a hillbilly, an’ they can’t read.
Y’ can tell how just how backward a hillbillyy he is…
he’s still using one o’ theseAnyway, they’d only use books as arse wipe (or toilet tissue in Stockportesian), when they run out of grass, straw, or shirtflaps.

It’s not often I can wholeheartedly agree with the mousehound, but in this case…she’s bang on. Nobody like them hillbillies for dragging us into the sewer. jeezzz!!! tch!tch! wot they like?!!

I find it’s something I have to work at, paring down the rhetoric of high-falootin’ folks such as yourself down to language the Common Man can easily understand.

I would also like to point out that I was not the first postee to introduce the subject of Vic-k’s excessive nudity. I merely provided a visual.

You’re welcome. :smiley:

Young Master Sin,
Tis not my wont, as you well know, to lend credence (deserving or not (usually not)), to the antics and verbal outpourings of your species, either in general, or particular, as in the case of my human…save for his culinary prowess when he prepares fishy-in-the-dishy. However, Master Sin, one is neither blind nor deaf to the amount of ‘good press’, my human and his cohorts are receiving from a variety of sources.

Indeed, Master Sin, only this afternoon, did Diablo, the mouser from The Prince of Wales pub, drop by to share a bowl of Go-Cat. During dinner, he informed me that he had overheard a conversation between two drunken customers, one of whom has a brother working at GCHQ Cheltenham, the British government’s telecommunications eavesdropping facility. This brother had imparted certain delicate details pertaining to texting interceptions betwixt your Secretary of State Clinton, whilst in Northern Ireland, and her boss Mr Obama. Although sworn to secrecy, by his brother at GCHQ, the drunken customer divulged to his boozing buddy the gist of the texting.
Clinton: "Boss, I’d like to drop by and meet the guys protesting outside of the Stockport pub. Think it would make a great Photo Opportunity, wadda y’ think?
Obama: “Good idea Hil. go for it…but keep your kit, ON!!…eh kido…please?”
Clinton: “Errr…OK. Will do, boss…promise!”
So, Master Sin, these principled, but naive and misguided protesters, do come highly regarded.

Your ‘provided visual’, Master Sin, does manage to fall somewhat short of the mark. Its genetic markers, both racially and culturally, in a very marked non-subliminal way, scream, 'Hillbilly Nation". Hardly appropriate for men of principle. I think perhaps, would be more apt.