I cannot add comments using full screen mode

Whenever I use full screen mode and try to add a comment in the inspector the option disappears. Whenever I click the plus-icon in the inspector it turns grey and won’t let me add a comment. I know I’ve been able to do this before, but can’t seem to do this now.
I have this problem on both computers I work with.

Does anyone know what I need to do, it’s slightly annoying to switch to non full screen mode each time I want to add a comment.

There appears to be a focus bug with the inspector in full screen mode preventing adding comments and footnotes via the buttons there, but you should be able to do it with the keyboard shortcuts, Shift+F4 for comments and Shift+F5 for footnotes. That works smoothly in my tests to apply the comment, shift focus to the comment so you can enter the text, and then press Escape to return focus to the FS editor.

Thanks! It works like a charm :slight_smile: