I cannot open Scrivener.


I have been using Scrivener downloaded from Mac App Store. I used it until yesterday, and cannot even open Scrivener let alone opening a Scrivener document. I do not know whether the following things have something to do with this problem, but these are things that I have done since I opened a Scrivener last time.

I copied a Scrivener document in a Dropbox folder in other Mac, and but it did not updated in my current Mac. So, I deleted the Scrivener document.

I installed iTerm 3 beta in my Mac.

I tried to click Scrivener itself to open it to no avail. The Scrivener icon in the dock jumped a few times, then nothing happened.

I tried to open a Scrivener document to open it to no avail.

Are there anybody who have any clue about this not-opening problem?

Thank you,


Following the procedure found at http://briarkitesme.com/2015/03/23/scrivener-wont-open-after-os-x-update-scrivenerapp-scrivener-amwriting/, I can open Scrivener.