I cannot register my product with the Serial Number and Serial Number Name on my receipt.

Hi All,

I purchased Scrivener from Literature and Latte just two days ago. After downloading the application, I tried to register the product using the exact information provided to me in my confirmation email (I was careful to eliminate spaces before and after the Serial Number and the Serial Number Name). No matter how many times I recopy and/or retype the info into the registration window, I get the same message: Invalid Serial Number or Name.

I am discouraged by the two + day wait time to hear back from tech support at Literature and Latte. Have any of you dealt with this issue?



I’m in the exact same situation. I’ve tried several times to register by copy and pasting my info. NO spaces, I’ve triple-checked. The first thing I did was email them and got an excuse about them having a high volume of requests, that it would take a few days to get to it, blah blah blah.

Second, I checked the link for this issue at the knowledge base to find it has an error message.

LOTS of help there, guys. :unamused:

Third, I come into the forum to see that your question has not been answered. It this the type of service I should expect to get from this company? THANK GOD I have a few days left in my trial version. If it expired before I could get an answer back from them and I lost some of my work there would be a problem.

Get it together, people. Or I’m getting a refund. :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

I had this same issue and found a solution. I copied and pasted my work on word then completely deleted Scrivener from my computer. I re-installed it and continued the process… and it worked.