I Can't Find My Novel!

Hi, I hope I’m posting this under the right topic. I’m a (relatively) new user to Scrivener, and last night I somehow made a “New Collection”, which appears to occupy all of the binder. I thought I had lost all my words - save the ones on a backup from a few weeks ago that’s missing about 9,000-ish words - , but apparently all my chapters are now rfx files. While I could make a new project and copy paste to recreate my binder,I was hoping that there’s an easier way to go back to an old collection, seeing as I have 39 chapters.

If it matters, I think I managed to create a new collection by saving when I had text highlighted. But I’m not sure. All of which I’m sure is that I CAN’T FIND MY NOVEL, and I have significant stress over that fact.

Edit: My chapters are .rtf files, not “rfx” files. I recruited a more tech-savy member of my family to try to recover my novel. Not a Scrivener user, so not ultimately of much use, but found my chapter. I, um, remembered the letters wrong. blushes

There should be a button on the left end of the toolbar that looks like a book, or maybe even a 3-ring binder (closed, so you don’t see the rings). Next to it is likely another icon that looks like a folder with some stuff spilling out of it. Click the collections icon to reveal tabs that should include a “Binder” tab. Select that tab to see the contents of your binder, and click the Collections icon in the toolbar to hide the collections again.