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On newer versions of MacOS Apple changed the word Preferences to Settings. Why? who knows?

Because Apple in their wisdom(?) has moved to the same terminology on MacOS as they use for iOS/iPadOS!



PS In fact the System Settings is modelled on iOS/iPadOS Settings, not the previous icon-filled Window.

Thank you.

How do I set format to EXPORT my large document, with pictures, to someone who has no Dropbox?
With Word my pictures do not travel with the doc.

Probably what you are looking for is not Export, but using the impressive Compile feature of Scrivener. Compile your project into DOCX format for Word, or perhaps RTF format which might be better and still works with Word.

Dropbox has nothing to do with Compile.

Have you reviewed the Scrivener Tutorial, and if not, perhaps get some elaboration on what Iā€™m suggesting there.

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Perhaps, if the recipient needs only to view your stuff, compiling to PDF format is ab appropriate choice. PDFs are, by design, self-contained (pictures and all).

If you are inexperienced with Scrivener and need that output now, you might try compiling using the default compile format (selecting as your target format PDF, say), and see if that gets you something appropriate and good enough for your current purposes.