I can't find the options for different markdown in compile

I hope someone can help, this is driving me mad. I understand that when I compile I can scroll down and Multimarkdown is an option with various different file extentions options eg html?

But when I scroll down I only get MultiMarkdown with no options as the ‘? help’ button says there should be.

Am I doing something wrong? Have I set something up wrong? Have I totally got the wrong end of the proverbial stick?

Can anyone help?


further clarification, if I click compile > MultiMarkdown it will only try and create a .txt file.

I want it to create a .html file, and as far as I can tell the manual says I should be able to do that

hopefully someone can help with my sanity
please… :confused:

Found the reason and the solution

scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … ntegration

the issue was because my version was from the app store

hopefully if anyone else has the same problem they will find this

Thanks for the follow-up, that is indeed the problem right now. Fortunately Keith has found a solution to this particular issue, and the next MAS update will once again have seamless integration.