I can't get page breaks

When I create a new comic script page and compile my manuscript, there are no page breaks between comic script pages in the pdf.

Also is it possible to have multiple Title Pages?

It’s okay I figured it out.
FYI - by clicking ‘page break before’ on the right side menu while looking at the text page.
And by duplicating the title page and moving the extra title page into the comic script pages folder.

On page breaks, also check out the Separators panel in Compile. You can automatically insert page breaks in between certain types of documents.

I am trying to write a novel and a script. I can’t find a way to incorporate page breaks without copying to Word.

What do I need to do to add page breaks?

I’m supposed to be reporting daily page numbers for Script Frenzy and a Novel writing comp. Having to transfer to Word is cumbersome and time consuming.

Could you describe how you are using them? What you expect to be able to do? I’m assuming none of the above solutions address what you want for page breaks. And secondly, are you talking about page breaks, or just seeing a fake page on the screen that indicates roughly where the page will change in the manuscript? Because that would be View/Page View/Show Page View. For future reference, page breaks generally means a special code that you insert in between two paragraphs which causes a word processor to cut to a new page no matter what.

But on the matter of daily metrics, why not just use the Project Targets panel in page mode, or the Project Statistics? Both of these can be found in the Project menu.

Thanks for answering. It’s helpful.

I don’t see a ‘View/Page view/Show Page’ in my Scrivener. I have the most recent update. I don’t know how to find the Page view. This bothers me when my program doesn’t match up with others.

Thanks for clarification on page breaks. I would like to see fake page breaks.

When I go to statistics, it gives me two answers. paperback and printed. What would be the difference?

Project targets don’t work, since I am in screenplay mode and words or characters don’t count. It’s the pages that count.

Sorry about that, I got my platforms mixed up (or forum sections, rather). Page View isn’t in your version yet, nor is page counting in the Targets window. These are future features for the Windows version. The Project Statistics will still show you page counts though. The one you want to use is Printed. The paperback one uses a metric based on the average number of words in a paperback novel page, which isn’t going to be terribly accurate for a script. Printed, on the other hand, uses the compile settings to calculate, and those are using a standard printer page and your actual text to calculate it.

Thanks AmberV,
I thought I was going crazy. It’s good to know it is on the future docket.