I can't get Scrivener to start.

It won’t start. I can see it’s trying but nothing happens. What should I do? Do I need to install it again? Do I need some code for that?

Could you provide some details?
Did you just recently upgrade to 1.0.3? Has it worked before with the same version? Did you reset any of your system parameters?
When you say it is trying to start but nothing happens, what do you mean by that?

I didn’t recently update, that was a while ago. I didnt change anything that I am aware of. I turned my computer of, turned it on againg and tried to launch scriverner. I can see it’s doing something in the task manager, but it never appears. It was always slow, takes about 3 minutes to get up and running, but now: nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled - still nothing. I renamed my project, in case it was in scrivenings mode (that makes it even slower) but: nothing.

3 minutes for start-up seems a lot. How much free space do you have on your hard drive? For how long have you been using Scrivener? How large is the project (in terms of MB-size)
Have you ever cleared out your temp folder? DO NOT do it now, though, it might contain important data.

Thank you anyway! I will spend the waiting time banging my head against the wall… :slight_smile:

I’m not really that happy…

Seems like we’ve been posting about the same time, with some overlap.
One more thing: Does everything else work as expected on your PC? Or do you see lags in other programs, too?

Everything else is working. I’ve posted about it beeing slow before, other people seem to have that problem as well.

I will look into the other things tonight. I’m not good at computers, but I do some maintenance now and then. I think the harddrive is ok, but it’s only a small net book.

I have to get to a meeting, in fact I’m already late… AArrgh!