I can't make Compile to use A4 (as defined in Page Setup)

I live in the land of A4 paper size. If I compile to anything (pdf, doc, docx) it always comes out as paper size Letter

I have A4 selected in Page Setup and it doesn’t seem to use it. So how do I get Compile to use A4 (or anything else besides Letter)?

If I choose Print Current Document then it does use the settings in Page Setup but I think that Compile should as well. Reason is that if I Compile to Print the printer always asks me to load Letter paper.

Hum, at least for the last one, if you choose to compile for print you should get a dialogue about the printer after you hit compile, and in that you should be able to choose preferences (and then advanced) and set the paper size. If you do that and set it for A4, does it still try to print letter?

Version 026 and I still can’t see how to do this? (Set Page size to A4 and custom margins)

If I compile to MS Word then the output should be close to perfect as possible. I don’t really want to then fiddle with Word settings like Page Size and margins - as I want to use Scrivener as my editor not Word.

Is the setting to Letter hardcoded? Is there a workaround?

Also with 026 it seems not to throw a page break when requested (although this may already be mentioned)

I live in the land of A4, too. I haven’t tried to compile before, so I created a PDF. In was easy, but there is no way you can set the page size. It always compiles at letter (8.26"x11.69") size - which is a big problem.

It’s the same with compiling to doc.

I’ve found I can create PDFs at A4 page size - by printing (rather than compiling) from Scrivener to a PDF printer. But surely Scrivener’s inbuilt compile to PDF should be offering that?

Thanks for your patience, guys. Lee’s working to get this into the next release.

Thank you, Jennifer. :slight_smile:
It’s too easy to forget how big this project is and to focus only on your own needs.