I can't open Word docs in Scrivener

I just purchased Scrivener and went through the tutorial. I was very excited to import some of my writing documents and I’ve come to a complete stop. I have many documents that were originally created in Word for Windows that I moved to my new Macbook Pro. I have Microsoft Word:Mac 2011 installed and it opens these documents without a problem, but I could not open them in Scrivener.

I then opened a document in Word and saved it as an .rtf file. I could not open this. I tried saving as a .txt document and could not open it in Scrivener either. I went back to my Windows computer and opened the document in Word and saved it as a .docx file and then moved it to my Mac and could not open it in Scrivener. At this point, it looks like I purchased Scrivener for nothing. Just a waste of money.

Am I doing something wrong? All of my writing is in Microsoft Word. Am I just wasting my time here? Can anyone help me with this?


When you say you are trying to open a Word document in Scrivener, exactly how are you trying to do it? If you go to File > Open… then it certainly won’t work, as Scrivener cannot open Word files directly–they need to be imported. But as long as you are importing them as described in the tutorial (using File > Import or dragging them into the binder), then Word and RTF files most definitely import perfectly. Of course, you need to have created a project in which to import the files before “Import” is available.

There’s a video that shows the process here, too:


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