I can't see whole manuscript anymore

I think this a me issue and though I’ve had a little play around I can’t work it out.

I write through chapter by chapter, sometimes using the toggle split window to flip between two. Recently to help with my flow I clicked ‘manuscript’ above the chapters to see the whole document and allow for reading and edit flow. I’m not sure what I’ve done, but when I click on manuscript now it only shows one chapter at a time. How do I get the full document in view again?

My guess is you changed view. Sounds like you had scrivenings view on and could see all chapters as one continuous document. Look at view drop down and if scrivenings view not checked recheck and should restore what I guess what you were doing. Look at group mode if click the scrivening view button will get to same place as well see pics below.
blue window is active and scrivenings view

ah ha, thank you, that worked a treat :slight_smile: