I dare you....


Oh! My favourite mode of Operation!

ah, it’s so grunge!

But Scrivener’s Corkboard background is absolutely mesmerising!

I’m going to do it on some friends’ Macs at work when they aren’t looking :smiling_imp:

They’ll think that their monitor is at fault, since who ever uses that one regularly?

You people are devilishly mean. I’m going to go do it to my husband’s computer when he’s not looking. :smiling_imp:

No, mean is
• Changing a users shell to have their prompt display a rotating list of insults
• Setting their password length requirement to > 20 but < 19

  • Setting the password type requirement to no characters of the same typ adjacent to each other and length to 20.
    • Setting password expiry to random intervals between 1 minute and 3 weeks.
    • Changing a users default character set to kanji while setting the local to some eastern block country.
    • Setting the users output filter to bit shift 1 to the left

I have never had to use more than 3 at the same time to get complete compliance from any user. Ironically few folks try to play practical jokes on me. Someday someone will get me. I expect payback will be a …

I used to like using:

#define if while

in someone’s obscure C header. It would be better the other way around, because the application wouldn’t hang and they might not pick up on it… but break and continue statements cause problems.

if you have access to the root account you can change environment var used for compiler includes per user.

if [ “${me}” -eq “len” ]
export INCLUDE="/dev/null"

Len isn’t the smartest guy but for the smarter ones you change the rc and profile parsing to pre-process their personal setting overriding them with … what ever I want!

Developers can be fun when properly abused. Kind of like vic-k, but not as gassy. Most of the time.

in the older days putting the shutdown script in the startup folder was fun to do to co-workers. They would always crank up their cpus then grap a cup of coffee, come back and have that early mrning confused look. Then they would start up again and so on and so on.



Nothing Else Need Be Done. I have seen suave supervisors turn into roaring maniacs with this one.

It’s the 12khz setting that does it. Lovely madness.

Oh the horror of that one.

Do you all remember the “high pitched teen deterrent” that came out a while ago? I can hear that thing, and once folks discovered that fact they would play an MP3 of the tone. Drove me nuts. I guess they did find a way to get back at me for all the BOFH things I did.

is that like the squirrel scarer I have on the wall outside? Does it work for 5 year olds? Mine is far too clued up about how to download iphone apps.

Those things drive me nuts! Most of the time I wind up locating them in folks houses and unplugging them. Thing is I know what the different sounds are for. The cockroach, mouse, squirrel and general rodent one are all different. It is a hoot to walk in, whisper to the wife “mice”, ask the folks if they mind unplugging the thing, them denying its existence, followed by 30 seconds of me searching then providing them a better method to deal with mice (we have them AND bats). Luckily the folks that don’t invite us back are typically not folks I want to eat with anyway.

My kids (12 and 14) don’t hear these things. So your kid may not notice them either. I do have a god kid solution, but you need a radiator, chains, and the ability to laugh like an evil professor or sorcerer about to eat their brains for strength.

Oh the stories the therapist will hear.

I can do a laugh scarily reminiscent of the witch from wizard of Oz crossed with Adrian Cronauer’s Hanoi Hanna, which is highly effective if I manage to pull it off without the pathetic collapsing into a cough at the end signifying that I ran out of breath AND hurt my throat.

Much more entertaining to use a short chain on a large windmill blade…