i don’t have any variants

I opened my MS Outlook 2007 and it viewed me - This Outlook file is not a personal folders file. I tried to open it again, but nothing was changed. I should like to Converting large OST files to PST files.

This is a forum for supporting the program called Scrivener, made by the company Literature and Latte. There aren’t any Microsoft Outlook/Exchange experts on this forum that I’m aware of, so you’re better off searching the internet for forums that support Outlook users.

I’m an Exchange expert, but I won’t troubleshoot it here on a forum where it is off-topic. It’s a basic matter of respect.

I know that this forum is not about Exchange. But many thanks guys.

There is a strange and not new method to get corrupted .ost files back. It is called conversion from one extension to another. For this purpose on market there is a osttopst.online/ it was created especially for any versions of MS Outlook and for huge .ost and even .pst files too.