I don't know how to use the new Script Compile

Hi, I have just updated my Scrivener - trying to Compile a play Script UK style for a deadline tonight - and I can’t work out how to use the new Compile!
It was so easy before. Now I can’t find where to tell the Compile that I do not want page breaks between scenes.
In fact it’s obscure, and confusing now, that I have spent an hour swearing, while I fail to even find Help for the Compile function!
Why anyone thought the new Compile was an improvement, I can’t imagine.
I hope someone can help.
Thank you!

If your system will still run Scrivener 2, you might want to revert to that for the sake of your imminent deadline.

Once the dust settles, I’d recommend taking a look at our upgrade guide for Scrivener 2 users. You can find it here:

Hi, thank you for your help. My new system won’t run Scrivener 2 - I just tried - so I will have a look at your upgrade guide.

Thanks again!

The next fastest alternative would be to Compile using the Default format, then edit as needed in another tool.

What you’re trying to do isn’t particularly difficult in Scrivener, but learning new things while racing an imminent deadline is never fun.

Settings for page breaks are in the Separators pane in Compile, on a layout-by-layout basis.