I don't understand how to obtain a word count

I assume this is probably me not understanding the interface. I just want scrivener to tell me how many words there are in the chapters currently marked for inclusion.

When I looked at Project Statistics, the compiled word count said 91,610 which was wrong. I compiled the project, and now the document word count says 42,426, which is correct.

So is the compiled word count just recording how long the document was the last time I compiled? It didn’t do this last time I compiled (about a week ago). The compiled file was around 40,000 words (I verified in Libre Office), but on that day the compiled word count remained stubbornly stuck at 91,000 or so.

You can quickly see your wordcount if you hover the middle section of the tool bar.
(This is the whole project’s wordcount)
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To get a wordcount for only included at compile documents, the setting is here :
(Project’s statistics, third tab)

You get the result in the first tab.


I definitely had and still have “count only documents marked for inclusion” selected. I didn’t know about the hover functionality though. That’s a very helpful tip! Thank you!

Alternatively, you can select your draft folder and have it displayed as a Scrivening
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You’ll get the wordcount (of everything, marked for compile or not) at the bottom of the editor.

(And yes, overall, the wordcount is not all that truly reliable…)
→ Although a 50k difference between wordcounts seems extreme to me.

I think there might be a bug in the statistics panel, as I am not getting a difference in the wordcount between inclusions settings either…

I just did a few tests, and the wordcount in the toolbar at least takes into account whether a document is marked for inclusion or not… So I would say it is reliable enough.
If your documents are properly marked for compile or excluded from compile, you should get a more accurate count there.


What I did because I have templates, research, etc. I set up a collection called first draft and right click on file in binder and add to collection. As I go add more files. After this done click project statistics and then choose collection with draft files and select all documents in the collection and now click selected document tab in statistics and now have accurate word count