I face problems like the buzz of flies in front of my eyes

I started using your wonderful software for writing problems and data.
I hope you will solve one very minor problem.
It’s very trivial but I feel like I’m buzzing right in front of me.

I’ll explain.
Right-click on the binder in the scribner and open it
when you choose the “under-the-board section”
I would like you to revise ‘Edieor(에디어)’ from ‘Editor Corkboard’ to ‘Editor(에디터)’.

Carefully, I hope you programmer don’t feel like a buzzing fly in front of me making this suggestion.

And I thank you in advance.
Thank you!

P.S.: The letter of the painting is Korean alphabet.
Also, if I do not use English as my native language and I give you an excuse, please ask for your understanding.