I finally got an iPod Touch. OMG. OMG!

I cannot get over how much I love it.

My aging, and essential, Palm Pilot (my second) was starting to show those warning signs of enfeeblement. And I’d always been annoyed that Palm synced with their own software, and not the native Mac applications.

Well, now there’s joy in Mudville.

First of all, it’s so small and thin. Seeing it on the TV does not hint at how little it is. The only way it could be more portable is if they implanted a chip in my skull. It’s maybe a quarter the mass of my Tungsten-e Palm.

Gorgeous, too. You can see that on the TV, but handsome is as handsome does, so I’m here to tell you that it’s so fluid and easy to operate, it’s also gorgeous on the inside. I can finally USE the Mac Calendar and Address Book. (Of course, I email with Gmail, so it’s not Utopia.)

On the other hand, I can Safari over to my Gmail and have that handy; when I can get wifi. Since I live in Back of Back of Beyond, I can’t avail myself of that the way more urban dwellers might. For instance, I ate breakfast out this morning at one of my favorite coffeeshops, which has wifi.

Only it was down this week.

But I have wifi at home and at work, so it’s not a dealbreaker by any means.

So I’m in love, but I’ll be upfront about the deficiencies. As far as the Calendar, Address Book, Alarm Clock, and so forth, the programs are better on the Touch. The one big thing is… text. Any kind of text.

Strangely enough, the Palm was better at vanilla text operations. It had a clipboard. It had the Graffito recognition system (one of the first things to go, in my experience) and it had the keyboard you could peck at with the stylus.

The Touch has a keyboard that works a lot better than I expected. For me, tilting it downwards a little and getting the right angle makes it about as fast as I can move my finger. For most applications, you can turn it on its side, opening up a landscape keyboard which is even better. I probably typo the same amount with the Touch as I used to on the Palm. So it’s not really a problem.

The problem is there is no Clipboard. None. (Though I keep hearing that it’s coming.)

The Palm synced with Memos so I could transfer text back and forth really easily. And that’s the big stumbling block with the Touch-As-PDA that made me hold off for so long. If that’s bothering you too, here’s what I’m doing, and what convinced me I could make it work:

-I have the Google Notebook online, and there’s an app which will sync up with it. Works even when it’s not connected to the Internet. Work with what you have, type in new stuff, and the next time you get a signal, it appears on the browser on the computer, which has a clipboard. So that’s beautifully sorted out. Google Notebook has folders and searching and free online backup storage and anything else one could want from a Notebook. Both the service and the app are free.

-Need to view PDFs, Word documents, Scrivener text (which can be pasted into Notebook, BTW) or pics? I got an app called FileAid which lets me view any of these, and use FTP with CyberDuck (a free FTP program) that makes it drag and drop. But you can’t highlight from it and paste it into something else on the Touch; viewing only.

-Without any extra apps, you can use your Contacts that comes with the Touch. Just create a Group called Notes, use the note feature in the contact, it has a search, and it syncs automatically. No Internet connection needed.

So that’s what I’ve come up with so far. So it’s not the Word Processor in my Pocket we all dream of. For that, the Palm with a folding keyboard is still the Go Anywhere and Create Deathless Prose combo that combines usefulness and portability in the tiniest package. And I almost went that way.

Until a friend of mine got a Touch, and let me check it out. So even with what, for a writer, could be considered serious deficiencies, I still love my Touch with a mad passion.

Because the Palm never made me stay up 'til 3 in the morning playing with it. The Palm was never so lovely and responsive. The Palm did not have the amazing range and utter coolness of the Touch programs. And the Palm didn’t go on the Internet.

Yes, it’s a challenge navigating the web on a screen just about the size of one’s hand. But there’s very easy zoom and drag features that make it extraordinarily doable, considering it’s so tiny. I can send email and text messages. I can play cool games. I can watch videos and listen to music.

And I have almost all the PDA capabilities I had with the Palm. I brainstorm and draft, as opposed to actually working on something. But as the Significant Other pointed out, I have a nice little laptop for full capability. With Scrivener, not a text editor, which is no small thing at all. That’s why I upgraded my old laptop in the first place.

On balance, I’m thrilled. Thrilled, I tell you!

The Ipod touch is cool.


I confess … I’ve just bought one too. The thing that sealed it for me was the ability to control Keynote from it. I can stand in my preferred location while lecturing, and not have to keep walking back to the computer just to press a key. I’ve only just got the Touch, and I have yet to use it for real, but it didn’t take long to work out how to get it going.

And yes, I’m syncing my iCal for the first time, so I’ll probably start using it; and the address book is synced with my MBA, my MBP, my .me storage, my mobile phone and the nightly back-up of the MBP system disk … 6 locations, that should be safe! :wink:

For the rest, I’m still playing with it … and playing … and playing … Safari on it is surprisingly useful, and I’ve downloaded the only movie I have and it is really beautiful … try watching a movie on one of the square iPod Nano screens!

Yes … uber-cool it is.


I’ve been holding off getting one because I’m considering the iPhone instead. I’m sick of carrying around 2 gadgets. Having said that, it’ll have to be good to beat my Palm Pilot (I’m on my third in thirteen years).

I was all set to get one (iPhone) a few weeks back and then I discovered that they don’t even “cut & paste”. WTF??? What year is this? I’m now torn between an iPhone (with an ever increasing list of things it can’t do) and a Palm Pre. The whizbangery of the iPhone is great, but you can’t kill a Palm device with an axe (I’ve tried).

Oh the dilemma of it all.

Mark, werebear and anyone else,

I’m considering which model to buy (or more correctly, to be given). I expect to use it as a Palm replacement - applications, some music but exchanged in and out, few or no movies. I’d be grateful to know whether on the basis of your experiences you think the 8 Gb model would be adequate.

Looking forward to entering the world of the uber-cool,

Based on my usage 8gb would be enough.

I have a 16gb and looking at the info I have 14.2 gb available which is a surprise to me.
0 videos
13 photos
31 songs

The rest must be all the programs you download for free or pennies.


It all depends on what you want to use it for; they are identical except for what you are storing on it, I believe.

Music, and especially, video, take up much more room than the apps and their stored files.

For instance, I just checked. I have 36 hours of music (and 16 hours of that is Van “The Man” Morrison. Prolific fellow.) and it takes up 1.9 gigs.

Apps (the programs) are only 157.4 megs, and another 150 megs in my files, which iTunes calls “other.” I have 2 and a 1/2 pages of apps, so there’s plenty of room left for that.

A ninety minute movie is about 265 MB.

Pictures are another factor; if you are planning on storing lots of pictures, you can check the folder and see how much room they take up on your computer.

A lot of people are now using their Pods to store PDFs for reference and things like that. So I’d grab a calculator, start adding up the stuff on your computer you would like to have on a a Touch, and see what you would be looking at, size-wise.

Under the needs you have laid out, I agree that the 8g would be fine for you.

And I have just to add that, with the addition of ShapeWriter, I am completely satisfied with the PDA side of having a Touch. Within the program, there’s a clipboard!

In the forum:

I bought an Ipod Touch a few weeks ago. It’s fantastic. I I always have it with me in my pants pocket. If you are looking for word processing: check out TextGuru and Notebooks which both have copy&paste and sync quite easily.

Thanks, Paul and WB.

One word describes the touch


I’d have to agree with Wock…it’s HAAAAWT. One of my colleagues bought in their Touch with Stanza on it for me to check out (I mainly use my Palm for reading). Wow.

I can feel myself getting closer to buying one. Oh dear. The Palm will be very, very jealous.

And the books on Stanza are free…

Who needs a Kindle reader ?


Anyone who likes to read for more than ten minutes at a time. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can put free ebooks on a Kindle too. As with the iPod, just because it comes with a store doesn’t mean you have to use the store to listen to music or read books. For thousands of words of text, I’ll take something that looks like a printed page over a tiny glowing rectangle any day.

I now only read books etc on the Palm. I can’t be bothered lugging a novel around anymore. I was torn when the final Harry Potter book didn’t come out (initially) as an ebook. So I listened to Stephen Fry reading it (on my ipod) instead.