I Forgot How to Format My Book!

Can anyone help with a problem?

I stepped away from my book for a couple of months, and upon return I can’t remember how to use the program, particularly when it comes to formatting different parts of a document.

For instance:

Each document has a title, then pressing return triple spaces to the first paragraph, after which I press return, but the next paragraph triple spaces again. I know there is a command that tells the program, “no this is just the body of the main text and don’t repeat the intro paragraph,” but I can’t remember where that is.

This is no problem if doing a screenplay, the various fields (character, action, etc) are in the format window along with command shortcuts to change element, but search as a may I cannot find these commands when writing a book.

How can I get the program to understand that I just wish to start a new paragraph without creating a blank space between them?

Very frustrating, and after many searches through help, cannot seem to find the answers. Isn’t there a pop up box offering me choices for text formatting? All I can find under formatting are choices like “body” and “heading” all of which change font, size, and make text bold or italic.

I just want to press return and start a new paragraph like on MS Word.

Thank you!

You can probably fix this in the Preferences: Formatting dialog, but
you’re missing something important about how Scrivener works.
Items in the Binder can be quite separate, like this:

Ch 1 Title
Ch 1 Text
Ch 1 Notes
Ch 2 Title
Ch 2 Text
Ch 2 Notes

Don’t bother about spacing between title and text; make them separate Binder items.
When you Compile, use that dialog to control their spacing.
Since you’ve been away a while, it could help to review the online tutorials. Good luck!

Your main issue seems to be paragraph spacing. In the format bar, there’s a drop-down list to the right of your font size. Click it, then select “More…”. A pop-up window will allow you to change the Line Spacing, or the Before or After spacing (which should be 0.00pt to start) on the selected text.

But as druid mentioned, you can just leave the title to the compile stage. Name each document for the title you want it to have, then in the compile dialogue, you can adjust font & line spacing just for the title, which it can insert.

Some documents aren’t necessarily set up for this, depending on how you organize your binder and what compile preset you started with, but it’s eminently doable, and the advantage is that you can adjust all those settings in one place if you decide to change it later.