I get "Quit unexpectedly"

While I was importing a web-page to a research “branch” Scrivener suddenly quit. When trying to reopen the document I immediately get a “quit unexpectedly”-message. In other words, I can’t open my document, which is sort of mind blowingly frustrating. :confused:

Any solution?

What probably happened is that particular web page has something in it that breaks Flash and causes the web rendering engine to crash, taking Scrivener down with it, and since it was the last thing you did, that’s what the project is opening up to, trying to render again, and thus you can’t open the project without crashing.

Fortunately this kind of problem easy to fix, especially since you know which action cause the crash (the most recent import):

  1. Locate the project using Finder, right-click on it and choose to compress it. That will create a frozen copy of the project in its current state; just in case because we’ll be going into the project internals and messing with those files.
  2. Next, right-click on the project again, and this time choose “Show Package Contents”
  3. This will open a new Finder window showing you the project files. Navigate into the “Files”, and then “Docs” folders.
  4. You should see a long list of RTF files, TXT files and probably some scattered other types as well. I would recommend using the View/Arrange By/Date Modified menu command to sort the items, since you know the webarchive file was one of the last things, if not the last thing, added to the project.
  5. Look for the most recent webarchive file and drag it out to the Desktop.

Go ahead and leave the Finder window open, but go back to the first window and double-click on the project to load it. Hopefully at this point it works. If it still crashes then you got the wrong web file, replace it from the Desktop and try the next. Once you find the one that is causing the project to crash. When you get the project back up, you can delete the .zip file or set it aside so it doesn’t get in the way. The binder will still have an entry for the web file that crashed it, but you will find it is empty. You can just discard that.

At this point you could make another backup of the project as described above and try importing from the page again. If you’re lucky it was just a bad advertisement. If not, just discard the project and unpack a fresh copy from the Zip. You’ll just have to avoid loading that page directly and copy and paste the text from your browser.

“Fortunately this kind of problem easy to fix,”

I love your explanation of “easy to fix” Ioa :neutral_face:

Well, you should see the list when you don’t know even know which type of file is crashing the viewer. :wink: