I got my A-level results on Thursday and these are they:

I needed BDDD.

This means that in 5 weeks I am moving to Devon.
Throw in a 2.5 week trip to Ireland, plus 3 days worth of travelling time, I only actually have 2 weeks to tie up loose ends.

This is a very scary thought. I have already started packing and sorting things into piles to go to charity shops, recycling etc.
It’s a bit surreal because Dartington was always something that would happen, not something that is happening.

Well done, chap. Remember, Uni is there for you to get drunk and sleep around. Don’t start getting any of these high-faluting ideas about studying :wink:

Well done Master Sebastian,
Three AAAs and a [size=200]D[/size] :open_mouth: Wot the bloody ell was that for, Midwifery?
Anyway, anything can happen now 8)
Just remember: the World`s your lobster!
Take care, Good Luck and keep it safe :wink:

I got the D in Religious Studies - a topic I am passionate about, but unfortunately none of that passion was exploited by the exam board.

I will make sure my lobster has adequate water and food.

Update: I signed the tenancy agreement today. It’s all becoming uber real. I also have accosted a set of coathangers.

I should also point out that I won’t have internet access in my hall of residence (one of the joys of going to a small specialist performing arts place rather than a Uni; its WAY smaller and way more minimal when it comes to this sort of thing) next year - so access to this sort of this will be sporadic. This is probably very healthy for me.

This sounds like a thirty year plan.

Thirty years to pay off the loans needed to get an education that 90% of will not be used dominantly in your primary career you use to pay of the overhead of education.

But congratualtions are in due order! :slight_smile:

You should be able to mark up some good long term debt and maybe get a nice education too boot. Just remember when it comes to education the main question is “How can I save money to buy more beer.”


Congrats and PS:

No more D’s

Should be A’s across the board. We have enough “D” pirates aboard this ship! We need some top shelf A ones in the bar to help educate pirates such as myself.

And speaking of D’s, in college you should be studying D’s not receiving them as grads (sheesh) :slight_smile:

Sebbi!! Pay attention!! Listen carefully to what Uncle Victors saying: ITS THE SEX YOU KEEP SAFE!! NOT THE SODDING LOBSTER!!

I believe Mr Sebbi is vegan/vegetarian. Which means he should be keeping the afore mentioned crustacean safe (as well as the sex).

Vegan schmeegans: Martians; Venusians; Plutonian; Saturnians; Uranusers, Mercurials, and Alpha Centaurians…utter twaddle, tosh and balderdash. Alien vegetarians just don`t exist!!
Pull the other one.

The way R.S. was structured was about as dyslexia unfriendly as you get. That was my wading through treacle subject.

But from now on I will be aiming for nothing but firsts.

Don’t worry, I’ll make sure the sex has enough water and food as well.

That`s ma boy!!! :wink:


Everything I own seems to be in boxes.
Either that or it has been earmarked for boxes.

There are a few notable exceptions:
My electronic instruments (will be brought down at a later date)
My furniture (i.e. bed, desk and wardrobe)
A lot of the books I’ve already read.
My drum kit (there will already be one down there).
Things that I need to use everyday (e.g. toothbrush, pajamas, etc)

But that’s about it - everything else is in boxes or piles-to-be-boxed.

It’s a very surreal feeling.

I have about 6 days until I go to Galway and all loose ends need to be tied by then.
This gives me about 9 days left at home in total before I move.

You’ll get used to it :slight_smile: In a years’ time you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about, and think nothing of piling everything into boxes while you up sticks. Until I bought the house I’m now living in, I moved house 6 times in 7 years. You become desensitised to it after a while :wink:

PYJAMAS!! :open_mouth: Students dont wear pyjamas! They just dont bother changing their underpants and string vest for a week, at a time!!!

Pyjamas! jeeeezzz! do us a favour!!

Don’t worry. They’re more for when I want to wander and my hall of residence and I can’t be bothered to find real clothes to wear.

(It’s mixed-gender halls, wondering around naked might not be the best idea. Unless… :unamused: )

wandering around naked is what being a student is all about!! jeezz!! :open_mouth:

this may be a generational gap. Or maybe he is better than us.

We never “wandered” we streaked

…[size=150]MAYBE?[/size] :open_mouth:

I know it might be hard to believe, but Sebbi may be a closet +3. He has that … hidden potential to show us all how much more we could achieve. And he is young. With the proper influence and coaching he could be the greatest yet.