I guess Apple is other folk ... :)

Apple is not just messing around with developers … they’re messing around with us too!
Be warned, if you use any external audio input device, it won’t be recognised under 10.4.10 — I use a Behringer FCA202 FireWire Audio Interface, which is not recognised for either input or output. Apart from a fair number of people reporting that, problems are reported with sound inputs on Mackie software — for satellite TV, I believe — with the microphone on Plantronics bluetooth headsets …
The person who reported that one on the Apple forums says that Apple support staff are telling him it’s a problem with data on his disk! On the Mackie forum, they say they are in contact with Apple and looking for a solution. Also it’s apparently a problem with Intel machines, not PPC.
So if you do use external audio devices and you are using an Intel machine, think twice before upgrading to 10.4.10.

Sounds like a bug.

I’d guess it will eventually be resolved. OS updates often break support for certain devices, unfortunately.

What I don’t understand is, who’s responsibility it is to fix? (pardon the grammar for those so inclined :wink: )

Bug or no bug, it’s got to be Apple’s to fix as devices like the FCA202 don’t require drivers, they are true plug’n’play. If a hardware device that requires no driver has worked unfailingly through a number of generations of the operating system, is suddenly not recognised following a new upgrade of that operating system, then the problem must lie in the OS, not in the device. What’s for the device manufacturer to fix? That would be like the producers of the OS saying, “We’ve upgraded the OS in a x.x.X fix … not an X to Y, not an A.X to A.Y, but an A.B.X to A.B.Y, so all you guys who use external hardware, including external hardware bought from our shops, are just going to have to wait until those manufacturers bring out new compatible hardware and buy that!”
When Apple moved from MacOS-9 to OS-X, clearly everyone knew there were going to be all kinds of hardware and software issues; moving from 10.4 to 10.5 the developers like Keith have been given seeds so that they can ensure their software works with major underlying changes in the OS. But this is not an upgrade of that magnitude with months or years of warning.
And this is not a matter that will only affect a comparatively small number of private users … musicians, film makers, advertising agencies, people and companies in what has always been Apple’s core professional market … they all use audio input/output devices … so a fix had better not be “eventually”.