I Guess I Still Don't Get the Paragraph Styles

I’m now writing a novel with Scrivener, and I’m happy to never have to worry about formatting again. I want all the paragraphs to have the first line indented, with no extra lines between paragraphs.

I click on a paragraph that is not indented, and choose “More…” from the unnamed paragraph formatting pulldown.

I change the indentation for the first line to “.3 inches” and click OK.

I get a dialog that asks me:

 Changing Spacing
 Do you also want to apply paragraph indentation?

I didn’t ask it to change spacing, I changed paragraph indentation. So why is it telling me that it is doing something that I didn’t ask for (and it’s not doing anyway), and ask me if I want to apply the indentation (which of course I do, because that’s what I just did)?

I guess this doesn’t matter, because I’m going to override the default formatting anyway, but this is confusing.