I had a functional copy until Apple changed the operating system to 64 bit

Any suggestions? I would like to have my old copy back.

Which Scrivener version did you use?

Version 2.0.5 Paid $44.99 on 05/21/11

Are you familiar with all of the improvements?


As you said, this was an Apple change. The only way to get your old copy back is to revert to a version of Mac OS that supports it.

Scrivener 3 is the 64-bit version of Scrivener. You can download it here: Download Scrivener | Literature & Latte

As a registered user, you’re entitled to an upgrade discount. If our store doesn’t apply the discount automatically, contact us for assistance:

I’d recommend taking a look at our upgrade guide for Scrivener 2 users, as Scrivener 3 has some very significant changes. You can find it here: