I hate the way undo works

If you write a sentence and want to undo it, it’s letter-by-letter control-Z keystrokes. it’s very tedious and takes a long time. Most other software will undo letter-by-letter only for the most recent word, and then word-by-word before that (or something like that - I haven’t really made a study of undo implementations).

Also, often you can’t undo a whole sentence, because Scriv only maintains a certain number of undos. If you’ve written a sentence, all of that undo ring will be used up with the individual letters, so you may not even be able to undo an entire sentence.

Sorry to sound like I’m griping, but I find undo in Scriv very unpleasant. Still love the software though :wink:

I second this. I’m used to writing in MS Word, where Undo generally undoes at least a word, if not more, if you’ve just typed at least a word. All other Windows programs I use work similarly or will Undo the last word. Letter-by-letter is something I haven’t seen in many years and was disconcerted to find that Scrivener works that way. You have to remember to switch mental gears from the way you normally use Undo in Windows and instead select and delete, because letter-by-letter is much too clunky.