I hate to suggest this...

I hate to suggest this because if Team Keith (TK) did decide to pursue this it would take him further away from his book.

But here it is.
With the release of the SDK for the iPhone

Many things are being offered (Like the iFund! Details listed on the link above).

But what I was thinking of was a separate program that TK could write for the iPhone/iPod Touch that would work with Scrivener.

Scrivener Notes.
The idea would be that the “index cards” could be sent to an iPhone/iPod Touch (Containing Project Info). Then a person could review them on their iPhone/iPod Touch, edit make corrections, etc.
BUT also the could CREATE new index cards to take quick notes down on. When they get home they could “sync” their notes with their project inside Scrivener because the SCR Notes could “talk” to SCR.

That way if one is on the road they can use this Note program to jot notes down and brainstorm ideas then once they get home they can bring this Into Scrivener and update an ongoing project.

Just a thought…

I’m afraid I have NO intention of working on software for the iPhone. I’d never use it - I barely touch my mobile, so really, I have no incentive for doing this. Sorry!



From when I brought this topic up a few months ago, right after Apple announced they were going to release an actual SDK for the iPhone, I’d hoped that some sort of Scrivener-Lite for the iPhone would be possible. Especially considering the primary development language is Cocoa.

But it is definitely not meant to be. That’s blatantly obvious by Keith’s statement above. Which is sad. I have my iPhone with me 90% of the time. Anytime I have an idea I want to jot down quickly, or need to work on something where dragging the laptop out isn’t a viable option, I’m using google docs. The problem with that is moving text back and forth between google docs and Scrivener.

This might turn out to be a dealbreaker for me. I use my iPhone more and more, my laptop less.

Scrivener is a fantastic app, no doubt about it, but it may no longer be what I need. Which makes me sad, since I know whatever kludge I come up with to use on my phone and laptop won’t be as good.

Expecting a single developer to develop and support what would be an entirely different application is asking quite a lot, though. Any work on an iPhone notes thingimajig would be development not done on Scrivener, and even more time away from using Scrivener on my own work. It’s most certainly not what I wrote Scrivener for. Given that I don’t own an iPhone and have no intention of buying one in the near future (they are bloody expensive in the UK, I don’t know about anywhere else), if I did buy one just for developing such an app, my whole intent behind the app would be commercial, which it never was behind Scrivener.

Please see the About page for more information about my motives and intentions.

So, I guess, good luck with whatever software you choose. :slight_smile:

All the best,

P.S. It might also be worth noting that even if I wanted to develop for the iPhone, I can’t - because I’m not a U.S. developer (developer.apple.com/iphone/program/).

Both the iPhone and the Touch come equipped with a very adequate thought capturing interface already. When I have an idea or remember something that I need to do, I just put it in an email to myself. The next time I am around wi-fi, they all get automatically sent to a special email box just for that sort of thing. At home, my Tinderbox document checks this inbox regularly and converts anything it finds there into notes.

I’m not really sure how that process could even be improved. For those without Tinderbox, a little Rule in Mail.app that throws everything into a bin would be just as good. If you want all of your index cards, just compile an export to RTF with Synopsis & Title checked, and send that via email to yourself. Now you can read it on your device. Respond (again, to yourself) to make revisions or additions.