I have a job, some kids and no time to spare.. how to still make it work...?

I love Scrivener and would love to use it from various platforms, but how? At home I have a MacBook, at work it’s a PC and on the bus an iPhone… So: Is it possible to work with Scrvener on these platforms so that I can use free time everywhere? Because if not, I won’t have the opportunity to work on my projects and I really didn’t see that… The alternative is Word on a cloud solution, it’s simple, practical and easy to achieve, but then it was that I love working with Scrivener then… Any tips?

Yes, Scrivener is available on all three platforms (but sold separately) and you can sync your projects via Dropbox.

Unfortunately, software cannot be installed on the PCs at work due to security reasons, so there must be a solution that works on a cloud-based solution, seamlessly and on all three devices. As I said, word is an alternative, perhaps the most obvious, and it doesn’t seem like Scrivener has a solution that suits us hard workers who have to find time for our projects on the devices we have available at all times…?

There’s no “online version” of Scrivener, but you could keep a bluetooth keyboard at work and pair that with your iPhone for longer writing sessions.

FWIW, my iPad Air w/external keyboard is now my go-to device for all out-of-office uses, including Scrivener.

You can also use the Sync with External Folder feature to make the contents of your project available to third-party applications via the cloud service of your choice.

Well, that’s probably for the best. While there are workarounds, you’d be in breach of your employer’s IT code of practice and potentially putting yourself in line for dismissal.

Also, fun fact: if you’re writing during work time, you can (a) get in trouble for not working, and (b) there are some circumstances when you’d lose the copyright in your work to your employer.

My suggestion… either carry the Mac with you in your bag and write on that or use your phone / iPad… while on your coffee breaks.


Printouts are also a wonderful workaround.
They never run out of batteries, require no internet connection, and are truly good at keeping you focused on that one chapter you want to work on. :wink:


I was in a similar situation once.

I bought a small folding BT keyboard and used it to write on my iPhone, using iOS Scrivener.

I also experimented with a cloud-based writing app (Draftin) and used Sync with External Folder to sync the results to desktop Scrivener when I got home every day.

While syncing with the cloud-based app did work, I found it twitchy and more trouble than it was worth. In the end I used iOS Scrivener and the BT keyboard exclusively when writing during my lunch break. I was pleasantly surprised to learn how productive I could be writing on the iPhone 7’s relatively small display. :smiley:


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Thank you very much, everyone… I hadn’t thought of this especially with the foldable keyboard… I have published a book before and I wrote it in word… It will be like this now too I think… even though I love working with Scrivener…

Check out the Sync with external folder feature.
(That’s why it has been mentioned earlier.)

In your case: the best of both worlds.
Use Word at work, Scrivener the rest of the time.