I have a mac and a PC and licenses for both, but there are problems

Hey I know you’re supposed to be able to do this but I can’t.

I have:

two windows machines
a mac

a License for Scriv on PC
a License for Scriv on Mac

a dropbox account

but if i start a scrivener project on my pc, i can’t access it on my mac and vice versa. Why?

Without knowing more sounds like Dropbox syncing not setup or not in use.

See Using Scrivener with Cloud-Sync Services / Cloud Syncing / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support


Also make sure the project is not loaded on another computer.

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  1. Forget Scrivener projects for a minute. Are you able to see on all your Machines any other sorts of files you drop into your Dropbox folder on each machine? If not, your problem is with your Dropbox set ups and has nothing whatever to do with Scrivener.

  2. If the answer is ‘No’, that is indeed weird, since the use of Dropbox for Scrivener projects on your desktop machine has nothing to do with the Scrivener program itself. A Scrivener project is just something you put in your Dropbox folder like anything else.

  3. Maybe worth mentioning: A Scrivener project looks characteristically different on Mac and PC. On Mac it is a bundle which appears as a single file (though it is a folder of stuff). On PC it looks like a folder. So, is it possible that you are either not putting the whole project on Dropbox on one side or not recognizing it on the other side that it is there because of this?

  4. What DO you see within the subfolder of your Dropbox folder where you have put your projects?

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  1. i can see the files on my windows machine and my mac.

  2. what do i see? my files. but if it try to open a scrivener file i created on my mac on my windows machine, it says i can’t open it. and if i’m on my mac and i try to open a scrivener file i created on my windows machine, it says i can’t open it. this has been happening for nearly a year.

What specifically happens when you try to open a project on the “wrong” machine? If you get an error message, what does it say?

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