I have a question.

I,m a new but I have a question about Scrivener Editor Format.
I set Meiryo (Japanese Font) as my default font then I create new document in Meiryo Font with no problem. But once I copy and pate the text, Font setting is gone! :blush:

What should I do here? or Is this a normal thing in Windows version?

Thanks in advance.

Is this copy and paste from within the application, or bringing in stuff from other programs? If the latter, try using Edit/Paste and Match Style instead—this will uphold the original font settings in case the pasted material has its own formatting it is trying to use instead.

Thanks, AmberV!!! :stuck_out_tongue: It’s Working!
I am gointg to use CTR+SHIFT+V instead of CTR+V.
Actually, this copy and paste within the application, anyway it’s fine for me.