I have just downloaded the trial version

I am sorry I can’t seem to make any headway with the Tutorial/Quick Start. Too many complicated references in the written text.

Do you have a quick-start video I can watch instead? I find videos so much easier to follow. In fact, I have been able to start creating a website using a page-maker within half an hour of watching the video.

I do so want to get started on Scrivener since I’ve heard so many good things from The Write Practice. However, I just don’t know how to start!

Perhaps if you have a step-by-step project which I can follow along, it will help me.

Thank you.


Gopi Menon

Are you trying the Interactive Tutorial project? The one available under the Help menu (or in the window that comes up when you are starting a new project)? I ask, because your wording implies you’re reading the manual. The quick start section isn’t bad, but the tutorial project is a much gentler introduction to Scrivener.

As for videos, you just have to look on this page, in the upper-right corner, for “Learn & Support”. The page that link leads to has its own link that you may find helpful: “Video Tutorials”.