I have no idea what they're talking about

No way!! Can’t be done. Your outpourings are a product of a warped mind and/ or a crap typo producing keyboard, or, as Carl Jung succinctly put it, “We meet our destiny on the road we take to avoid it.” You’re you! and there ain’t nowt y’ can do about it!

‘s that a typo? Should it be WHIP? Y’re not into Bondage and S&M are y’? :open_mouth: :blush:
If y’re thinking’ of using The Stockport College of Bondage & SadoMasochistic Methodology, as a setting for this years Niad, feel free t’ do so. Could be the best Niad ever! :smiling_imp:

… with cats and canned pineapple as main theme? :smiley:

Oh-ho :frowning: Would appear that the inmates are out on (obviously misguided), Day Release Occupational Therapy, tch!tch! jeezzz!

“Occupational therapy”? I thought it was “Punctuation Therapy”. I guess all these sheets of handwritten punctuation are unneeded.

“Punctuational therapy, a must for the civilized cat”

I often wonder if we are the “look how cute they are over there trying to be normal… STOP DOING THAT TO THE PILLOW” members of this forum…

There is a can of pineapple sitting by a cat somewhere on this planet.

… discussing wether being punctual is an asset or a liability.

“Training makes the expert”, it said with a purr, swallowing the last bit of the vic-ar…

Holding true to from, page two and we are into cats, canned pineapple, puncture-ation and vic-k-ory. While this is a good standard for us to maintain, don’t we think we can move this level of success up a notch and aim for “post #3” at this point?

What say we? Yea or Nay?

#9 :laughing:

Ah, and so it begins…

But we have thereby scored our first clue! Did you spot that hint? Well, I did. 2018’s obviously features an elaborate plot. Oh and evidently, participants who don’t want to be assigned a chapter involving possible BDSM elements or Vic-K or both should declare early.

An elaborate plot with claws has to include cats, or at least cans.

Outside of the ScandiBubble, most, if not all, of civilised, even uncivilised societies, are up to speed with the everyday reality of the ubiquitous cat-can

Surely no elaboration required, is there,?

Scoff all you like, grrrrrrrrrr, but it doesn’t take a great intellect to grasp the potential embodied in the scenario of 25 characters (one per chapter), from all walks and strata of Society, slipping surreptitiously (one at a time, obviously), in to the side entrance of the College’s BDSM Work Experience Emporium.

Bishops, welders, priests, archbishops, welders, Chiefs of Police vicars, Lord Mayors&Deputies, welders, Civic Dignitaries, Colonels, retired Admirals, welders, famous writers/authors and not so famous, politicians, politicians, politicians, politicians (UK&Others), welders, MPs, MPs, MPs, actors& celebrities, writing software developers, Social Media cognoscenti, welders, educators and educationalists, etc.,etc.,etc. List is endless.

Well that’s it!! I’ve done my bit.
Ciao amigos

That’s a very short story, with only 25 characters. Almost like a 3-word-story. :open_mouth:

Oh, you mean the other meaning of character? Isn’t that a bit out of character, for being you? But then again, you’ve always come across as a strange character, even with 25 of them.
I’d prefer 25 catactors.

I anticipated that coming from grrrrrrrrr … but … one can’t be right all the time, even when one is a HAW, who are always right even when they’re wrong.
Ah well, c’est la vie … eh?

Best I could do.

How very catty of you. And to think some were saying you lacked character.

Play on words is a wondrous thing … in the hands (or paws), of maestro. No pun intended.


Y’ can almost see the sheep it’s counting! All the vices and none of the virtues. Like it :smiling_imp: