I Have No Muse

I entered this in my blog today and thought I’d share it here. Sometimes writing in my blog is the only writing I get done.

I will never find the perfect writing space, the perfect writing desk, the perfect writing chair. Nor the perfect computer, software (I may have to retract this statement based on my experience with Scrivener), note-pad, keyboard. The perfect pencil and/or pen still allude me.

I have lived on the top floor of the tallest building in my city, I have lived in a secluded house on the beach. Not a word was written.

I have been financially secure and did not write, I have ended up living on the street and in hostels or vehicles, and I wrote.

I have been inspired to write, and been published. I have chosen to write, and been published.

Sometimes I can’t wait to get to the keyboard, other times it feels like the absolute last place I want to be.

Sometimes the words flowing from my pen amaze me, then those same words seem completely banal the next day.

I’m going to keep at it.

I have no muse.

“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.” – Jack London

slightly off on a tangent

I think mostly all that ‘perfect’ is really just another form of procrastination anyway (at least, to me), or at the very least a set-up for an excuse should you not be in writing mood. It’s something I used to suffer from. I couldn’t write unless I had everything just-so.

I’ve learned to be far more pragmatic. I don’t have the big chunks of downtime from day jobs or quite so much free time at weekends any more. I’ve had to become an opportunist, pouncing on any five minute spare time. I always have my iPad and MacBook with me in my bag, but I’m equally happy tapping in notes on my iPhone or on the back of a used post-it. It’s become far more important to get the idea down than trying to find somewhere to plug-in my laptop, or having the right pen to hand.

But that’s me :slight_smile:

Agreed. We’re alike. I take a digital recorder everywhere now, and sleep with it.

I still need a silent room with no interruptions to compile my notes into something readable.

However I recognize that there are those as well that simply have to have a ritual. It’s a way, it seems, of leading there mind by the hand to their talent. A phone ringing, an uncomfortable chair or overly boisterous view could conflict with that.