I have no ruler?

I’ve just installed a trial version of Scrivener and am currently taking it for a test drive. In the Help it says, “The text editor in Scrivener uses a ruler for setting indents and tab stops, such as many
word processor applications provide. It can be shown or hidden via View>Layout>Show/Hide Ruler or Ctrl-R. This will present a simple indenting and tab stop interface.”
I have no such menu option. When typing Ctrl-R, text is right justified. See attached graphic.

Sorry for the confusion, that is an old keyboard shortcut in the user manual, and it has been updated for the next revision. The shortcut is now Shift-Ctrl-R, and it is located in the Format menu instead of the layouts menu. You can also add the ruler toggle button to your main toolbar if you prefer the mouse. That’s in Tools/Customize Toolbars....

Thank you for your kind reply. Sounds like the Help file is due for an update.

Generally speaking it updates when the software updates. Given the magnitude of it, occasionally small errors like this slip by when details are changed at the last minute.