I Have papyrus on Windows 10 and iOS but they wont play nice

When I sync the two back and forth, the Windows 10 keeps the papyrus font but iOS doesn’t, even though the font exists on the IPad. I created this topic last week or so as a bug but didn’t get a response. Going to try and post now as a just a question. Any ideas?

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Yes. Ask the Papyrus support.

My guess is that the way iOS addresses that font at a technical level is different from how the Windows version does. Not every font plays well when crossing platform boundaries, unfortunately. You sometimes have to experiment a bit to find one that works.

Much apprec. for the non quasi snarky reply Amber.

I believe the OP is asking about the font, not about the application.

Whoops, yes. The font. I didn’t know there was an app of the same name. So should the fonts play nice across different platforms in Scrivener?

Oops! :flushed:I was wondering what L&L could do about a Papyrus problem. Sorry.

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You may also need to look at how you have the font installed on the iPad. Are you using the native font handling capabilities or a third-party application?

There is also a method where you can use Scrivener + Dropbox to sync the fonts you use in Scrivener projects, and I have found this has helped me get the fonts working on iOS when just installing them via iOS didn’t. In your root Dropbox folder that Scrivener syncs to, you can create a Fonts folder, and drop the font files in there.

For example, I have my Dropbox folder ~\Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener which is the root of where I store my Scrivener projects. iOS Scrivener is set to sync there. In addition to my projects, there is a ~\Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener\Fonts folder that contains the non-standard fonts I use in my projects. iOS Scrivener knows to look there and apply those fonts to projects where required.

If you aren’t already using that method, give it a try. You may need to uninstall the papyrus font on iOS first before this works, or you may be able to use it in parallel.

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No problem. I thought you were being a meanie. :crazy_face:


Just confused, as usual. :rofl:

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Well, I think I found the problem. Even though I have fonts that show up in Scrivener while using my iPad, including Papyrus, my iPad says I don’t have and any fonts installed. Weird. I guess I’ll install some fonts.

Ugh, and the hits just keep on coming. I went to look for the papyrus font on the app store and you can’t get just a particular font. A bunch of crap apps come up that don’t seem particularly applicable to what I and you would find useful. They seem like overly complicated organizers or flowery game type stuff. What do you peep use?

Try this I Have papyrus on Windows 10 and iOS but they wont play nice - #8 by devinganger

update. It just doesn’t work. I followed the proper procedures suggested to me to no avail. I even set up and entire new dropbox account, deleted Scrivener and the dropbox app on my iPad and tried to syn to see if it would work. Weirdly enough, even though I logged into the new dropbox app on the iPad with the new account, it synced with the old account. So I don’t know what’s going on. I give up.