I just bought Scapple...

I just bought it, as in a minute or so ago, mainly for my desktop and the laptop that does not have an internet connection (I think you may see where this is going). I quickly realized that I need an internet connection to register the program, but this wasn’t listed in the requirements and the laptop doesn’t connect. Please help.


Probably all the L’n’L folk are focussed on the launch of Scrivener for iOS. If I were you, I’d raise your problem with sales@literatureandlatte.com.

Thanks! I’ll do that.

When you are asked to activate, you should be getting an offline activation process. You will still need access to the Internet somehow, but it doesn’t have to be the computer itself. You can plug the numbers in on your cell phone for example.

This article was written for people having issues in general connecting to the vendor server: Getting Past “Internal eSellerate Error” with Offline Activation. It has Scrivener stuff in the descriptions, but this is all the same with Scapple.

Thanks! I know you guys are busy and all lately. I just read the email sent to me and everything’s activated!

The problem was that it first alerted me that it couldn’t connect to the internet and that I had 59 days to activate it (only extending the trial). That’s when I tried to contact you guys. I didn’t realize that if I’d closed that dialog it would have given me a connection error then the instructions for offline activation. Live and learn, but thanks again for the help!