I just bought Scrivener....

… and I was wondering how long it takes for the registration key and my username to be emailed to me. I’m a little antsy about it, because I’ve already been charged. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would imagine it shouldn’t take too long, but in the meantime you can use the trial mode. It is full featured and lasts for thirty days. Just download the DMG from the homepage if you haven’t already. When the serial number arrives, you can plug it in at any time and the application will switch to being registered.

It should be e-mailed out immediately. The serial number should also have appeared in your browser as soon as you registered so that you could enter it immediately.

Do you have spam-blocking on? If so, the e-mail might been bounced back, and the bounced back e-mail would have been regarded as spam by my e-mail… If you still haven’t received it, just drop me a line at sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com and I can resend it, and paste it into the reply so that it should reach you. Make sure that your e-mail won’t regard e-mails from that address as spam, though.

All the best,