I just Kindled myself.

As of 11:38 AM, June 21st (the Solstice!) I hit the button and got published. :laughing:

See my book, Cat 911, here.

Now, granted, it’s not quite the process I dreamed of; call from agent, fancy lunch with editor, cashing a check, and holding a hardcover in my hand while wincing at the author photograph on the back flap.

But it is what it is.

I’m out there.

It’s 3 months shy of two years ago when I started a Blogger blog with my idiosyncratic cat advice. As a longtime cat rescuer & rehabilitator, I knew my take on cat stuff worked for me. Would it work for others?

The answer came back: Yes.

People wrote me about how I’ve solved their cat problems, got their cat to be more affectionate, and increased their Cat Appreciation. I saw my special phrases getting googled; “beta cat type”, “vulcan mind meld”, “fist of friendship”, and “cats do not obey the laws of physics”.

Encouraged, I splurged on my own site and Wordpress blog, and hits jumped. I explored the wild and whacky world of SEO, and made plans to publish ebooks.

And then I got an iPod touch, and Kindle became my addiction. I moved first on Kindle because they have it all set up; in a week or so, I’ll also be selling my first ebook, Cat 911, on my site, wayofcats.com, too.

And I owe it all to Scrivener.

I started traditionally. I wrote a cat book on Scrivener. But the publishing industry is not a welcoming place. I was halfway through researching a package that was meant to get a small publisher to take me on; marketing plan, media contacts, prospective audience numbers… when it hit me.

Why am I doing all this work for them? Why am I trying to convince them my advice is both new and fresh… and also the same-old, same-old they feel comfortable publishing? All to wait six months to a year to hear back that I’m not right for them at this time?

Anglo Saxon that.

So, I turned those chapters into blog posts, with Scrivener. Then I turned those blog posts into ebooks, with Scrivener. And the journey begins.

It helps that I am almost genetically engineered to take this route. I have the tools and skills to create graphics, handle HTML, and negotiate the Web. But all that means is that my learning curve is a bit shorter and steeper. These things are getting more automated all the time.

My eventual goal is my original one. I do want to have a book published in the traditional way, of course! I may yet be wincing at my author photograph. But now I’m building an audience and selling books; at least, I hope so. While the Internet is a big part of the publishing industry, it’s not the whole part.

But I’ve bypassed the whole “convincing the editor” stage. I’m hoping having an audience, and a track record, will convince that editor for me. I’m doing what they want from authors these days; doing all the work myself.

We’ll see how it goes.

Congrats and continued success! Woohoo!


Let us know how it goes in Kindle World. I’ve enjoyed your web site on cats; lots of great information dispelling a lot of myths.

Good for you, I’ve taken a similar route myself. Very clever title. Sent your blog to a cat loving friend of mine.

Curious why no physical book. You can self-publish that as well. I used CreateSpace.com