I keep getting this pop up.

I have deleted both Scivener one and the beta and tried to reinstall but I keep getting the pop up and error message.[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-01-03 11.52.56.png[/attachment]

You may have a corrupt Windows user profile.

The easiest way to check for this is to temporarily create a new user account for you computer and login as that user to set up a new profile. Then, copy the project from its current location into a location in your new account’s Documents folder. Now try opening the copy of the project as your new user, from the new location, and see if you still get this error.

Scrivener 1 still works fine no issues. Just version 3 continues to keep showing the pop up.

I have tried the creating another user profile, and still Scrivener 3 displays the same pop up.

Very aggravating, why version 1 works no issue and version 3 keeps crashing with the pop up.

Update: Ran a SFC scan, no issues with integrity and also ran clean up image DISM, and nothing. Still the same results so I have no idea at this point.

2nd Update: I have found the problem I believe. My anti-virus software had blocked it, unknowingly to me and listed it as “Ransomware” to the developer of my anti-virus. How nice, so I had to do live chat and get it resolved and jump through some hoops to unblock and unlock. So far, no issues with my test file and folder.