I keep getting told that my license expired or is invalid, so I have to reactivate using the same code all over again

I fire up Scrivener once every 2 weeks or so to work on my novel, and almost every single time, I get the same popup saying my license is invalid and I’ll need to buy a license. Then scrivener closes (and supposedly it goes back to Trial mode).

I then have to re-activate using the same code I got when I purchased my license, then it works. Until the next time.

I’ve tried uninstalling Scrivener, cleaning out everything, then reinstalling it after a reboot. Issue still persists in the new installation.


First, which version of Scrivener for Windows are you running?

The reason I ask is that, the recent update to 3.x, contains some bug fixes that are working around an issue in Paddle’s licensing code that may be causing this issue for some people. So if you’re on 3.x, try upgrading to and see if that solves your problem.

If not, you’ll need to contact L&L support directly (you can find the contact information on the L&L website) – they don’t handle licensing issues through the forums in order to protect private customer data.

Thanks for responding! I literally just finished the upgrade to, so hopefully, the issue has been resolved.

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Please let us know if the issue persists after updating to 3.1 via our contact form: Contact Us | Literature and Latte

We are still working on a permanent fix with Paddle, our licensing provider, but 3.1 contains patches that should stop this issue from popping up for most users.