I know I'm a cheapskate, but anyway...

I have my main installation on one of my Macs, where all the work so far has been done. Now I’m testing the Windows version, since I unfortunately have a Windows box from work. On the way to and from work I can work on the bus.

Actually, I’m also looking into the possibility of running a Mac guest in VirtualBox on my Windows box, and it looks hopeful.

Now I’m wondering whether there might be a good price deal when one has more than one copy on different machines.

Well, I did say I was a cheapskate… :frowning:

Some people on the linux end of things have reported some success running the windows version in a virtual machine, but I haven’t personally tried it. People better in the know than I (my fiance and father-in-law) say you can’t virtualize OSX very well because it needs the whole EFI thing to boot, not a BIOS.

I know you can get EFI to emulate a BIOS via rEFIt. I haven’t investigated making OSX run on a PC, but I don’t think the work IT people would condone turning your work PC into a hackintosh, although it might buy you geek cred. (Seems like the process is WAY more hardware-dependent than just buying a Windows copy would be. Like you need a certain kind of power connector on your motherboard. That’s way too much bother for me, and I’ve bootstrapped Linux from source.)

Either way the easiest way might be to purchase a Windows copy. It’ll keep your IT people from getting pissed off at you, which is a definite plus.

With one license, you can install Scrivener on as many computers as you personally control as long as they use the same operating system. We think that’s a reasonably good price deal. :smiley:

However, the Windows and Mac platforms are separate development efforts, and require separate licenses.

We take no position on hackintoshes and similar frankensystems. If you can get it to run the Mac version of Scrivener, it’s a Mac.


Or is it a PC dreaming it’s a Mac? :slight_smile:

A bit off-topic, Garpu, but my Hackintosh runs very well in VirtualBox, although the usb gives me problems - crashes the guest at the moment when I put a usb-stick in. And yes, I have successfully used the Hackintosh to run Scrivener, but I’m so far into this book I don’t like to take chances with it, and use the copy of Scrivener for Windows I have loaded for actual updating (and even there I take two backups twice a day)

OK I’ll bite the bullet and buy a Windows licence. Scrivener is worth it.

OSX on virutal box or OSX running on PC hardware? Have to admit I’m intrigued by the later in a “because it’s there” mode, not because I particularly like OSX. :slight_smile: