I like Scriv but I'm frustrated wtih compile

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I’ve finally figured out why I don’t like to compile. I’ve been assuming all along that I just don’t know how to compile properly-- or that it’s not user friendly— but as it turns out, there seems to be compile bugs. ( Please note that since the beta I’ve used Scrivener on three separate computers all manufactured in Korea, where I live. I’ve had trouble getting files to compile since the last beta before the release.) Right now I can compile text without titles and titles without out text, but won’t compile them together no matter what I click. This is the first time I’ve experienced a consistency in the errors. Usually I just keep trying again until I get something that’s useable and reformat in word. (I have no control over the end result. I take what I can get.) It’s actually a relief to know it isn’t me.

I’ll always be a fan of Scrivener but I would really like to compile easily. This issue has probably influenced my re-adopting of word as my primary software the most. I mean, if I play around with it, eventually something will work, what that is, is never the same. Well, thanks for listening.


Also wanted to add that, I finally got text and titles. I had to click standard format, set meta data on all files and click compile as is, and unchecked level 1. Th meta data was not compiled. I couldn’t get it to print anything but titles. (I wanted to print from scriv not compile and print)

I work on Macs, so I don’t know all of the problems you’re facing.
But it took me a long while to learn Compile, and during that time I used a work-around.
Just select all of the Draft docs, go into the Editor window, Select All the texts and Copy.
(The multiple-texts used to be called Scrivenings.)
Then go into a word processor file, and Paste.
You get the same formatting, and if not, just adjust with the word processor.
(Say your draft is single-space but you want it double in the wp.)
If you have complex folders and sub-folders, this method may not work.

Thanks for you help!

I agree with learning how to use compile-- it’s not as straightforward as the interface would suggest. The problem is, I can’t use the same settings twice and get the same result. I have discovered if I forgo any custom settings I get better results. This is is the opposite of my last computer. If I used the presets I got garbled documents with the header shoved in the middle of the document and things in randomly arranged.

Your work around sounds great but I’ve never been able to copy multiple files at one time. I’d love a multiple scrivenings feature or to be able to compile in the editor! )I like to work with small texts so this has been at the top of my wish list. (Perhaps someone knows how to do this for windows and can give me detailed instructions??)

In the meantime, it’s either fight with compile or copy and paste 100s of separate files =(

In Mac & Windows, it’s hold down the Shift key while selecting a consecutive group of files.
windows.microsoft.com/en-US/wind … or-folders

For a sequence like files 2-5-7, on the Mac it’s hold down the Command key.
There must be a similar key command for the Windows system.

Good luck!

I’m sorry you’re experiencing such frustrations. While bugs do exist, the particular issues you’re seeing are not ones familiar to me, so it would be good to get to the bottom of it to sort out the specific problems–without the details of the setup and a reproducible case, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to know where the issue lies and what needs to be fixed. I wonder if you would be willing to provide more details about your project’s binder structure and your compile settings? Simplest would probably be if you have a sample project that demonstrates these problems; you can use File > Back Up > Back Up To… with the “Backup as ZIP” option checked to create a copy that you can send to windows.support AT literatureandlatte DOT com along with instructions for us to better see the problems you’re facing.

As far as druid’s method, although it is possible to view multiple items as Scrivenings in Windows, it’s not yet possible to select all the text of the multiple documents together, as you know, so unfortunately the copy/paste method does require working with one document at a time and isn’t a convenient solution in this case. Have you tried using the “Original” preset from compile, and then checking the boxes in the “Title” column in Compile’s Formatting tab to add the titles of the documents as well?

Also, have you ensured that you are updated to version 1.2.5? If Help > About Scrivener shows that you are on an earlier version, uninstall your current copy and download and install a fresh copy from the website. Among other changes, 1.2.5 does include some fixes for a couple compile errors that could be affecting your output.

I’ve used Scriv on three different computers with about 23 projects total. I can’t duplicate the exact same settings enough to be able to say, if I do this, I get that. There are no settings that I can tell you that will work or that won’t work and since Scrivener has behaved differently on three different computers manufactured in South Korea, I’m not sure you’ll be able to duplicate these issues. The one consistency with all of these computers is that Scrivener continues to want to modify the normal template in Word, which causes me to get pop up boxes whenever I close word. I did note a slight increase instability after I closed word with the modifications accepted. But 9 times out of ten, Word tells me I can’t change the normal template.

Also, I am running the most up to day version of Scriv. It’s the first thing I checked.

As far as the issue with Word, you should be able to prevent this coming up by deselecting “Use Microsoft Word or Open Office for doc and docx conversions” in the Import/Export tab of Tools > Options. With this disabled, Scrivener will just use its own converters, so it will never run a check for the Word libraries, thus avoiding the bug whereby the tool doing that didn’t always close the instance of Word properly and prompting the normal.dotm message. Without using Word’s converters, you will still be able to import both doc and docx files but will only be able to export doc, but you can switch it back on at any time if you need to use that feature. Changing this option will require a restart of Scrivener for them to take effect.