I locked the split screen, but...

I figured what could be a nice implementation for the lock split screen function.
I have one window, which is locked, and it is where I write or copy and paste things from a miscellaneous of documents gathered in the binder.
The unlocked window is for reference, it is a viewer of the document that I select in the binder, but in order to work the “focus” must be on this window. So if I was writing on the locked window I need to move the pointer on to the unlocked window, click, and then go to the binder and select the other document I am interested.

I think it would be more straightforward to go directly to the binder to select a document, and since one window is locked, the document will show up in the one and only free window.

Preferences > Navigation > Binder selection affects other editor when focused editor is locked. Ticking that will do exactly hat you what.
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Cool! I didn’t know that.

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