I lost curly quotes

I have the iPad mini one, yes I know it’s old and decrepid. I’ll be upgrading in 2 weeks through my carrier and retiring this one to be my work iPad only due to its handy size. The scrivener version on my mini is 1.2. I really want to use it to work on my books on break I stead of risking my 10 inch, highly expensive, one.

However, whe I had to reset the settings to reduce the random rebootsand the only known casualty is the handy curly quote feature. I’ve tried messing with the app settings, and the settings within scrivener itself to no avail. I even reset all but Dropbox.

The app is almost useless without them. I love the curly quotes, they are so smart. There is no way I can reinstall or upgrade since they went 64 bit. Can anyone help me?

Woops, never mind, I forgot that I must use the typing tool bar to get the smart quotes, not push and hold on the comma and period. Sorry but maybe this post can help someone?