I lost my work!

I’d had my project open to edit a particular document for many days and I finally got around to it. I made considerable changes, then noticed that the document selected in the Binder wasn’t the one I’d just edited.

So I switched to the selected document and also made one very small change there. After this, for the first time ever, I used the Save command in the File menu, even though I knew Dropbox had also backed up my changes.

To my horror, when I switched back to the document I’d made extensive changes to, it had reverted to the previous version. Switching again to where I’d made one small change, that change was still there.

I closed the project, forcing a backup, then reopened it. However, the situation was as I’d left it - the one small edit was there but the extensive changes were still reverted.

In the end I had to open up the Dropbox project, look through the Documents folder, and judge from the date and timestamps which one was my large edit. So I downloaded that and found it did contain my extensive changes.

To my knowledge, this has never happened before, I don’t know why it happened now, and hope it never happens again. Anyone got any clues why my edits reverted when I switched to another document?

The most logical explanation is that the changes were made in a completely different document than you thought. You write that “the document selected in the Binder wasn’t the one I’d just edited”, so are you sure that you looked in the right place? When you first switched to another document and then switched back, are you absolutely certain that you actually switched back to where you were before? You did locate them after all, didn’t you?

I think what I should have said is that the document in the EDITOR (which was the one I wanted to make changes to) was not the document HIGHLIGHTED in the Binder. But this shouldn’t matter, should it? (In other words the Binder had a dark blue highlight on a particular document, but that wasn’t the document showing in the editor, which I edited).

And yes, I’m absolutely sure that the document I edited was the correct one as I copied a large chunk of text, made edits, then deleted the original paragraphs I’d copied and pasted once sure I was happy with the changes - all this within the same document. The changes were in my own revision colour, so I know that what I got back from Dropbox was what I’d lost.

Yes, you found your changes in a file, which was the one you edited, so obviously Scrivener did save your work. The files uploaded to Dropbox are exact copies of the files on your computer. That file is a document in your binder. The question is, which one?

In Scrivener, search your project for a whole sentence in your new edits and you will probably find it in two different documents.

You’re absolutely right! The second document found in the Search was in the Trash, along with the original pre-edited version. Yet I don’t remember deleting anything - I tend not to delete documents as they are all long-standing chapters of my novel going back years. I have many snapshots, and I continue to edit the latest versions, but I don’t delete whole documents.

It is no big disaster as there is a mere 2-word difference between the edits I got back from Dropbox, and the edited version in the Trash.

It’s weird though. Something happened but I’m not sure what.