I love Scrivener, except ...

Hi. New to the boards but not new to Scrivener. As I learn more about myself as a writer, I’m discovering that I need to see the pages I’m working on as actual pages, preferably as a “two up” format showing two pages at a time. So, I love just about everything with Scrivener except the “endless scroll of paper metaphor.” Every writer has his quirk and this seems to be mine – my writing needs to look like real paper.

Lately I’ve been writing my novel in iWork’s Pages and using Scrivener strictly as an outliner and notebook. I could import my work back into Scrivener at the end of each writing day, but that seems needlessly cumbersome. And I could easily lose track of the work.

I checked out Storyist, because it offers the page format and a two-up view, but the learning curve is absurd and it takes too long to figure out how to do simple things.

So, any advice from the Scrivener fans out there? Is there a way to “replicate” the look and feel of two pieces of writing paper at a time, complete with pages breaks, headers, etc? Many thanks.

The best way is just to wait for Scrivener 2.0. :slight_smile: That has a page layout view with a two-up mode. However, the pages won’t show headers or footers or suchlike, as those things will remain the province of Compile Draft. If you just like the look of paper though, you should be good:

All the best,

Keith – That looks like EXACTLY what I’m searching for! Can’t wait. Let me know if you need a beta tester! My novel depends on it. :smiley:

Until I saw that screenshot, I’d completely forgotten how much I used to enjoy writing in actual novel format (font size, page size, spacing, etc–I seriously used to be able to look at a book and tell you the probable font and size and everything to replicate it in a word processor). I’m tempted to play with Word or Pages to create novel templates, now, to see what my complete novel draft looks like. I haven’t done that since back when I used [Cr]Appleworks and System 9.

Thanks for creating that type of layout, Keith! Yet another reason to eagerly anticipate 2.0. :smiley:

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been excited about a word processor release before, but I am now.