"I love Scrivener" gadget, widget, badge?

Just a thought - because I’m still bumming around this forum - but have you guys already got or plan to have a “I love/adore/use Scrivener” type gadget/widget thingy that your fans can stick on their website? It’s such great software, I think it would be nice to spread the love. There seems to be a lot of adoration expressed in the threads, so I’m sure people would be proud to put the badge on display.

Oh, and can you make it useful by not only linking it back to your site but maybe have a word count feature to show the progress of our WIP. (yeah, I’m being sneaky…I want a cool progress gadget made especially, all the stuff I’ve found is daggy or boring) :slight_smile:

We haven’t got anything as cool as including a word count, but we do have some badges available here:


Thanks for wanting to spread the word!

All the best,

Thanks Keith, just what I was looking for (minus word count feature). :frowning:

Change alt=“Scrivener for OS X” to alt=“The Complete Writing Studio”
…because people won’t know what Scrivener is.

And I assume there will be a link on that page to the Microsoft Windows version, come release.

I’ve proudly stuck my new decoration at the top of my page for all passing through to see, YAY!

Yes, we will be going through the whole site and making it cross-platform friendly before release. It will detect what platform you are running and direct you to the best page, and everything will cover both platforms. There’s still a lot of work to be done there!

Thanks and all the best,