I love this program!

:smiley: I’ve been looking at various programs to help me draft and organize my dissertation mess, and Scrivener fits the bill exactly. I’d been looking at Tinderbox but wanted something more user-friendly. I tend to think visually, so am drawn to mind-mapping programs–and, lo and behold! :wink: , I’ve just figured out how to tinker with my scrivener structure in a freemind mind-map (Export the Scrivener files and Import that folder structure into freemind). Then I can see the material in a different way and tinker away.

I probably wouldn’t try to re-import the freemind structure back into Scrivener–that seems complicated and messy and I’d probably spend more time tinkering with the files–er, procrastinating–than actually writing.

Very glad to have found Scrivener–thanks!